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  • March 19, 2020 - ATTENTION: Cancellation of the Spring 2020 Assessment Windows
    The Indiana Department of Education announced the cancellation of the upcoming Spring 2020 assessment windows. Please review this memo for more information. 

    Added March 19, 2020
  • The ISTEP+ Spring 2020 FTA Part 1 paper test window ends today.

    Online testing continues through March 20. Paper materials must be postmarked for return no later than March 16.

    Added March 13, 2020
  • March 11, 2020 – Official Support Granted for Chrome OS 80

    Official support for online testing is granted to Chrome OS version 80, following the successful completion of compatibility testing. This OS version has been added to the Indiana Assessment Portal’s Supported Browsers and Secure Browsers pages. 

    Added March 11, 2020
  • February 28, 2020 - Important Update to AIR’s Test Administrator Interface - Share with ALL Test Administrators!
    As detailed in this memo, a minor update was made to the test selection process within AIR’s online Test Delivery System’s TA Interface. This update is in effect for all Indiana assessments deploying in Spring 2020 (e.g., ILEARN, ISTEP+, IREAD-3, and I AM) to reduce the potential approval of tests not expected per the local test schedule potentially resulting in breach forms or test invalidations. Share this memo with all staff serving as TAs your corporation and schools. Please contact AIR’s Indiana Help Desk (airindianahelpdesk@air.org or 866-298-4256) with any questions.

    Added February 28, 2020
  • February 24, 2020 – ISTEP+ Spring 2020 FTA Part 1 Window Opens Today

    Grade 10 students may participate in the online ISTEP+ Spring 2020 FTA Part 1 beginning today through March 20. Paper testing may occur today through March 13.

    Added February 24, 2020
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